The Holistic Approach to Legal Representation

Sometimes, good people do bad things or find themselves in bad situations, but that doesn’t make them unredeemable. Lucero Law prefers to consider the whole person, not just the legal issue. Lucero Law prefers to work with the client to find not only immediate short-term legal solutions, but also long-term life solutions. This is what holistic legal representation is all about.

Clients are provided with a confidential and nonjudgmental environment to share information about any underlying issues or struggles that might have contributed to their contact with the criminal justice system. Lucero Law can recommend resources* to help the client become whole again. Stephanie Lucero will be there to provide the client with support and encouragement along their journey.

Although Lucero Law can never guarantee any specific outcome, a ten-year study of The Bronx Defenders holistic defense model showed that while holistic defense doesn’t affect conviction rates, it reduces the chances of a custodial sentence by 16% and likely sentence length by 24%. According to the study, “holistic defense offers considerable potential to reduce incarceration without harming public safety.”**

Participation in the holistic approach to legal representation is encouraged but not required. Clients are not obligated to share any information beyond their personal comfort zone. Stephanie will always provide her clients with a ferocious defense in court regardless.

Lucero Law also provides post-conviction services, to include set aside, restoration of rights, post-conviction relief, appeals, and writ of habeas corpus.

*Examples may include referrals to nonprofit social service organizations in the community that assist with food, clothing, housing, child care, transportation, employment, or mental health services; medical, dental or hygiene care; money management education; substance abuse treatment; anger management and trauma counseling; or mindfulness and meditation strategies.

**Harvard Law Review, Volume 132, Number 3 (January 2019).

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